The Alwar Gaushala has seen many seva projects undertaken on this divine land. Avdhoot Shivanand ji, who has always emphasised on selfless service towards all living beings, initiated many seva projects here.

Cattle Feeding:

Out of the biggest of sevas going on here is the sustenance of this huge cow shelter, where cows have been regularly only increasing, either being abandoned here or rescued from straying or slaughter homes. Tons of cattle feed and water arrangement is made here for these cows. Whenever Avdhoot Shivanand ji or his family have the opportunity to visit here, they carry lot of jaggery, which the cows relish.

Mass Feeding:

Regularly the poor villagers are fed here through Mass Bhandara.


Large scale tree plantations have taken place here by ShivYog volunteers and also many tree sapling distributions to poor farmers take place.


Havans have been organised here that were conducted by Brahmin priests from South India.

DSS group chanting:

Regular Durga Saptshati chantings are organised here by the volunteers of Shiv Yog.

Ration distribution:

Many a times free good grains and essentials have been distributed here on a large scale.

Blanket distribution:

In the winters blankets are distributed to the needy villagers.

What sevas can you volunteer for? (Forum teams will be given first preference)

  • – You can arrange to send cattle feed. If you wish to, please mention the same in the form below.
  • – You can have group chantings, DSS events, and healing for the cows.
  • – You can bring tree saplings (good quality) and plan a group tree plantation.
  • – You can have a group cleaning drive.
  • – You can have a group cattle feeding seva.
  • – You can join the team in regular weekly, monthly visits for specific sevas.

Please note that all the above are subject to approval after sending requests. Please send requests to