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Attempts to rescue cows

This is the video of March 19, 2017, where again a vehicle carrying cows to be slaughtered were rescued by Rajasthan police but unfortunately not all cows could be saved as few had died during transportation. The police got the cows delivered to ShivYog Alwar Gaushala that often receive cows that are rescued from slaughter houses or brought in poor health. The dead cows were buried at the Gaushala. ShivYog team does their best to nurse them and in most cases they are revived back to health in the welcome and conducive conditions of the ShivYog Alwar Gaushala founded by Avdhoot Shivanand ji. The Gaushala began with just 3 cows in 2007 and today shelters close to 800 cows that live in a free atmosphere with food and water in plenty. The Foundation does not permit any donations but allows sadhaks to send chara (cattle feed), 7 quintals of which are consumed on a daily basis by the cows. The massive cow shelter project runs on the compassion of Babaji and His love for cows.


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